Human 3 - Infra Light
Human 3 - Infra Light
Human 3 - Infra Light
Human 3 - Infra Light
Human 3 - Infra Light

Human 3 - Infra Light

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Light panel with red and near infrared light therapy

Human3 Nano is perfect for you if you want to start with red light therapy at home. It has a powerful 300 watt and comes in a smaller format making it best suitable for area specific treatments, such as improving your complexion or a sore ankle. 

The positive effects of the wavelengths of light that are used in the product are documented in several scientific studies. Red and near infrared light is energy for your cells. By giving your body this type of light you’ll improve your cells’ function. However, since the body is complex it’s hard to foresee exactly how your body will react to the light therapy. Your cells determine where the energy is used first and steer how quickly you’ll see results and what they are. 


Human3 Nano

Power cable for wall socket

Protective glasses (recommended as needed, especially good to wear in the beginning. After some usage you can do the light therapy with closed eyes)


Specifics for Human3 Nano: 

LED output: 300W

Amount of LED á 5W: 60

Wavelength: 660 nm and 850 nm*

Electricity consumption: 120W Volt 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz

Longevity: 100.000 hours

Cooling fans: 2 

Irradiance (luminosity) at 15 cm: 129 mw/cm2*

Irradiance (luminosity) at 30 cm: 95 mw/cm2*

EMR (elektromagnetic radiation): Below limit value***

Measurements: 32 x 22 cm

Weight: 2,8 kg


This is a product by FITNESS GURU