Grounded Factory is a place for the well-being of body and soul. A holistic health universe where you can dive into topics within the fields of wellness, yoga, meditation, spirituality, workouts, food, plant medicine and art. We share interesting life stories, discuss news within health and lifestyle and we try things out ourselves. We challenge what we learn and share our experiences in an honest way. We are curious and creative. Grounded and vulnerable. We invite you to explore life’s journey with us.

Sofie Kraft, wellness entrepreneur, became the owner of Grounded Factory in 2022 and has since turned a dream into reality. Along with her Grounded team, she has created a platform for well-being and exploration outside of the yoga mat. Because just like we are, you are most likely on a mission of finding and creating sustainable and healthy routines. Maybe you also feel a longing to explore what you can’t see but can feel within - Spirituality. At Grounded Factory we talk about both scientifically proven methods as well as alternative methods within holistic health. It’s completely fine to learn about the science behind meditation but also be curious about mysticism and universal magic. The idea is for you to take part of and be inspired by what feels right for you. At Grounded Factory, you’ll also meet others who are curious about expanding their body, mind and soul. A community of like-minded people. 

If you’re looking for products to support you on your health journey you can of course find them here! Our much appreciated, non-slippery yoga mat that comes in several unique designs is available in the webshop. There, you’ll also find other products carefully selected by us, from sustainable brands we believe whole-heartedly in. 

Come explore with us!