To where do you deliver? 

EU, USA, Switzerland and Norway. Shipping within Sweden is free.  

Where can I find Grounded Factory's products in store?

Find the list here!

Finding your yoga mat slippery?

If you find your new mat a bit slippery the first time - don't worry. Just like a new pair of running shoes or your favorite pair of jeans, our mat only gets better in time. While you practice yoga, and sweat on it, the soft surface will naturally wear in and become more rough. A great tips is to spray a bit of water on the mat for the first times to get the anti-slip function kick in stronger.

What are the sizes of the yoga mats? 

Like a normal yoga mat size, 173 x 61 cm. Our classic collection is 3.5 mm thick, the leopard collection 2.5 mm and our travel yoga mats measure 1.5 mm in thickness.   

What is the weight of the yoga mats? 

Our classic collection of yoga mats weighs 2.7 kg, making them stay steady on the ground while you do your yoga practise.

Want to bring a yoga mat on your travel? We also have a travel collection with lightweight yoga mats, they only weigh 1kg.  Some of our clients also buy the yoga mat to put on top of the yoga studios mats for hygienic reasons. 


Are the yoga mats foldable?

Yes, all our yoga mats can be rolled up. 

Does the yoga mat come with a strap?

Yes, so strap the yoga mat up and get going to your class.

Can you use the yoga mat in bikram yoga / hot yoga?

Oh yes, our mats are actually ideal for bikram and hot yoga. The more you sweat the better the anti-slip function will work. 

How do you make it clean, can you wash it in the washing machine? 

Yes you can but a faster way to fresh it up is to spray some non-abrasive spray to clean the surface.

For regular mat maintenance, we recommend wiping your mat down with a damp cloth on a weekly basis. If you do sweaty practices, hot yoga for example, do so after each use. 

What material is the yoga mat made of?

Non-toxic natural rubber and the surface is vegan suede. Natural rubber is tapped, like maple syrup, from the rubber tree, which is a sustainable and renewable resource. Natural rubber grips better and gives more support than any of the synthetic rubbers on the market. All design and patterns are eco friendly water based colors. Good for you and sustainable for the planet! 

What is Grounded Factory's vision? 

Our vision is about creating a balanced mix between yoga, functionality and fashion. We love to sweat on our yoga mat – and we adore great design and thought the combination would be a winner.