Turn your home into a place of work & relaxation

For most people, a home is where they can return after a hard day's work to rest and recuperate. But due to an increasing number of people remote working today, a home often doubles as a place of work. Living in such an environment can add to the stresses of work and lead to burnout unless you turn your home into a place where you can work and relax. Here are some tips for creating a workspace at home that works.

A Designated Workspace

Having a place in your home exclusively for work helps create a work/life balance. Follow a few simple rules so your work doesn't intrude on your relaxation time.

• Avoid looking at your inbox after a specific time of the day.

• Use different phones and laptops for work and personal life.

• Turn off notifications at the end of work.

• Designate a time for meetings and calls.

• Set your hours.

• Take your days off.

• Take lunch breaks.

• Learn to say “no.”

Creating a stress-free work environment at home requires intention. Be sure to invest in ergonomic furniture, make sure your workspace gets plenty of natural light, put systems in place to manage information coming to you and required of you. Finding a planner that works well for you can make a big difference. 

Remember that you can claim your home office as a tax deductible expense, reducing the amount of money that you have to pay in taxes each year. Of course, there are some conditions that need to be met in order for your home office to qualify for tax deductions. For example, the space has to be used exclusively for work purposes, and it must represent a physical structure or a portion of a room within your home. But if your home office meets these criteria, then it can offer tremendous tax savings and help you to get the most out of your business investments.



The Benefits of Color

Paint colors can affect your mood. Some make you feel more energetic, others have a calming effect, and some can produce feelings of aggression and depression. Choose your colors wisely when creating a relaxing home environment.

Blue. Creates a feeling of calmness and serenity

Yellow. Brightens your mood and increases energy

White. Gives the illusion of more space

Green. The symbol of prosperity and freshness

Purple. Gives off a mysterious vibe and sparks creativity

Orange. Creates feelings of enthusiasm and excitement

Red. Linked to hostility and rage

Pink. Can help calm the nerves and relieve feelings of anger.

Some colors are more suited to specific rooms. If you prefer a professional to carry out the work, find a painting contractor by looking online.

Now that you have your home office and your mood-enhancing tins of paint, consider creating a space specifically for moments of relaxation. For instance, you can:

• Set up a meditation room. A meditation room can help you manage stress and increase self-awareness.

• Create the ultimate sleep-friendly bedroom. Cool temperatures, essential oils, and cotton bedding contribute to a sleep-friendly bedroom.

• Create a yoga space. Soothing wall colors, a mat, mood lighting, and a lot of plants are all elements of a yoga room. Be sure to complement your yoga space with beautifully crafted yoga mat from Grounded Factory!

• Set up an art studio. Painting allows your mind to relax and relieves it of anxiety.

Kitchen and Bath Upgrades

New kitchens and bathrooms are some of the most popular home upgrades. If you want to take your moments of relaxation in the bathtub or your therapeutic cooking sessions in the kitchen to a whole new level, consider a bath or kitchen upgrade.

A Hobby Space

Another excellent way of disconnecting from work is to create a space designated to a hobby you love. Hobbies provide you with a means of expressing and releasing creative emotions as well as boosting mood, relieving stress, and making you feel more energized.

The Perfect Work/Life Balance

When you work from home, it's often difficult to separate your working life from your home life. By creating spaces designated specifically for work and relaxation, you can achieve that perfect work/life balance.

By Jenny Weber

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