Glow in gold with Evolve’s bio-retinol gold mask

Evolve bio-retinol gold mask

Tired, dull and dry skin – sound familiar right now? We’re in the midst of the prime winter season, impacting not only our energy level but also our skin quality, so there is no doubt that it’s time to upgrade our face care routine. A face mask is a savior and a wonderful addition to your skin care routine when the skin is longing for moisture or is in need of extra radiance and glow. We love Evolve’s gold mask – it’s luxurious and leaves the skin feeling plump and soft.  

A face mask that tackles signs of ageing while nourishing the skin

Evolve Beauty and their incredible bestseller “Bio-Retinol Gold Mask'' is definitely worthy of the hype. This is a face mask with a natural plant extract from Bidens Pilosa that works in the same way as retinol on the skin, with cell renewal properties without irritation. The formula has a shimmering gold texture that helps boost radiance while rosehip seed oil and argan oil contribute to nourishment. In addition to adding a fantastic golden glow, the mask has been designed to be both natural and sustainable. 100% of the ingredients are natural and 85.1% organic. With this being said, this mask will not disappoint your glow, your body or the environment – simply a win-win!  

With over 15 years of experience in the skincare industry as a founder, developer and designer of award-winning skincare, Laura Rudoe founded Evolve Beauty in 2008 and has since pushed organic skincare forward. 

Why use natural and organic skincare?

It is common to think about what goes into our bodies regarding the food we consume. But what you apply to your skin is just as important – because anything you apply to your skin goes into your body. Unfortunately, many skin care products that aren’t natural contain many directly harmful and even potentially hormone-disrupting substances. Natural and organic skincare is therefore a safe way to go. Our skin is our largest organ, don't take it for granted.

We are proud that this favorite from Evolve Beauty is now available to buy on our website, and hope that more people use it to create lovely self-care moments. Buy it here.

By: Filippa Eklund

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