Yoga Mat Guide: How to choose your yoga mat?

Having your own mat rolled up in the corner of your room will encourage you to go to class and to practice more often at home. With your own mat ready to go, you can fit in yoga wherever, whenever. Mat preference is very personal. Some people like a thinner mat to feel more grounded, some prefer a softer feel beneath them. Hopefully, this guide will help you with your choice and give you some direction on how to choose the mat that is right for you and your practice.

How and where you practice determines which type of yoga mat it is most suitable for you and your needs. Grounded Factorys yoga mats come in 3 different thickness from premium to travel as the thinnest. Read the difference below to find out which mat will suit you.

Premium Yoga Mats 3,5 mm thick

For those who prefer a softer mat and want more cushioning for their joints, we have developed our luxury and eco-friendly yoga mats. Our Premium yoga mats are great for home practice and the thickness makes them slightly heavier so perfect for home practice and this is a great yoga mat to be left rolled out at all times as part of your interior to really remind you of the purpose of the mat. Also great to create a yoga space with at home.

Studio Collection 2,5 mm thick

Our studio collection comes in a beautiful leopard print and are thick enough to cushion your joints in seated poses yet thin enough for you to feel grounded and balanced in standing poses. They are ideal for Ashtanga, hot yoga and dynamic flow yoga, you might want to double your standard mat over in some kneeling or seated poses if you are going to be holding the pose for a long time. This mat is suitable for you if you always carry your own mat to your local studio and don't want our heaviest mats.

Travel Mats 1.5mm thick

The thinnest mats are great for traveling and busy yogis on the run who need their mat to be light enough to carry around all day. Portable, weights almost nothing and they can even be folded in your suitcase. They are also handy for lying over your regular mat for extra cushioning or on top of a studio mat as a hygienic top layer.


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