Yoga mat guide: how to choose the right yoga mat

When looking for a new yoga mat, you should consider a few factors. What is your personal need, how much do you sweat and what styles of yoga are in your main practice?

And also what material you want, how thick do you need it to be etc?

My personal go to when recommending yoga mats for our customers depends on the following:

What yoga style do you practice? This will determin if our designer yoga mat, travel yoga mat or super-grip yoga mat suits your need best.


If you are into ashtanga, hot flow or any dynamic style where you really build up a sweat I would recommend our premium designed yoga mats with anti-slip function that activates when the mat gets wet. So, the more you sweat, the better the grip will get, opposite of a traditional yoga mat. This yoga mat is on the heavier side and really sticks to the floor, a really good and high quality yoga mat. And perfect for home practice. In fact- we wanted to create a yoga mat that was beautiful enough to be left rolled out in the room to always remind you of taking breaks and encourage you to practice yoga Instead of hiding the yoga mat in the closet. This yoga mat is made or organic rubber and the surface in vegan suede, and I would say it is a bit of a technical mat, with that I mean that you need to find the right technique and learn how to place your hands correctly to really work with the anti-slip function. Also, the more you use the mat, the better the grip will get. If yin yoga is your main yoga practice, this is also a great yoga mat for you.

When it gets dirty, you can wipe it clean and even put it in the washing machine when needed.


If you have a longer way to your local studio and want to travel light, we have the designer yoga mats in travel versions too. Same great quality and material, only difference is that the mat is much lighter: 1.5 mm instead of our premium 3.5 mm. This makes it a perfect yoga mat to either roll on top of the studio mat for hygienic reasons (my personal go to) but can also be used on its own when traveling. Roll it out on the floor or on the carpet (if you have sensitive knees for example). Our travel yoga mats can even be folded down and put in the suitcase or rucksack if you prefer to pack it that way.



Our newest yoga mats are the super grip collection and honestly this grip is just the best and works for everyone and all kind of yoga. No more gliding and from reading our reviews and getting feedback from our customers, we made this yoga mat both longer and wider to really suit all sizes. This is the best beginner yoga mat you will ever try. We can guarantee that there will not be any kind of gliding in any positions with this yoga mat. 


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