Stay happy this year- tips proven by science

Looking for ways to stay happier this fall? We have science supported ways to get you into better mood this fall. Even though beautiful fall leaves and nature is blooming, sometimes you will need that little extra go feel happy.

1. Grateful diary- write down everything you are thankful of at the moment. Writing it down makes it real to the brain and easier to actually take in everything you are thankful of.

2. Let go of perfection and acknowledge that you are perfect just the way you are. You will not became better when reaching that career goal or the perfect weight.

3. Disconnect- big time. Turn off your TV, Facebook, IG and meet up a friend for a cosy cup of tea instead. Interact in real life, not on social media.

4. Nature, step outside and get yourself to the closest forest or nature walk. Fresh air is always a good idea and is proven to make you calmer and happier.

5. Make sure to sleep in. It is easier to stay happy after a good nights sleep.

6. Get creative! Use your hands to play an instrument, paint, write or what ever makes your heart beat.

7. Drink that extra glass of water. Yes, staying hydrated will make you feel happier.

8. Help others. What is your skill? Use it to help a friend or someone in your community. It can be anything from taking a walk with your friends baby and give your friend a chance to take a nap or to help your struggling start-up sis creating graphic material. Reach out!

9. A new mantra or meditation. When you feed yourself the same positive thoughts everyday, it will make a change in your mental health.

20. Take some time on the yoga mat! Yes, it is that important. Make yourself a cosy yoga space or corner and make sure to use it. And mix it up, not all time spent on your yoga mat has to be vigorous yoga asana. Breathing exercise and savasana is great ways to wind down.



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