Grounded X Femme: Sofie Kraft & Catja Divjak

Sofie Kraft and Catja Divjak are yoga teachers. They both chose to invest wholeheartedly in yoga when they went through difficult periods in life. The yoga became a help to find their way back to themselves. Now they work every day to spread the joy and happiness they have found within themselves.

-Why did you choose to start your own company?

SK: I came to a point in my life where my body and heart told me that I needed to make some changes, to live a life that others wanted me to live - or live the life I want to live. And yes, now as a female entrepreneur, you may understand that I chose to follow my gut feeling and passion and start the amazing journey as a yoga teacher.
For me, my way towards fulfilling my dreams has just begun. In the near future, I see myself hosting retreats around the world. I am designing my own concept where I want to combine everything that is lovely! So stay tuned!

CD: I trained as a yoga teacher in India. After dancing since childhood, the yoga felt very familiar from the start. I have always had a desire to somehow help people feel better. The yoga took me through a tough time in life and is always my go-to when I need to land and come back to myself. Then I got the idea that I could actually educate myself in yoga and thus make people feel the joy I feel through yoga myself. To share happiness.

-How can we support each other as female entrepreneurs?

SK: We can lift each other and cooperate. Help and support your sisters and also don’t be shy to ask for help! I noticed that within the community of us young yoga teachers in Stockholm we are very good at supporting each other, which is beautiful !!! We come to each other's events, we help pushing each other's classes on our social channels and we work together for different projects - it makes it much more fun and more enjoyable. Just because you are self-employed does not mean that you have to work alone. Together, and with each other we grow!

CD: By cooperating! I work with all my friends who have a creative profession. Johanna who is a photograph, Sofie as a yogi, Iman who has Grounded Factory. It's amazing! A good example is that I have been a model for Grounded Factory since they started. We help each other. Pay it forward.

-What does the word feminist mean to you?

SK: Precious, strong woman!

Equality! That a person, regardless of gender or appearance, has just as much respect, conditions and influence.

- Best tip when starting your own company?

SK: Believe in your inner voice and your creativity. Don't be afraid if it goes slow in the beginning, everything is often more time consuming than you think - when you least expect it you will get into a flow. It goes up and down all the time - try to enjoy and celebrate the sub-goals along the way!

CD: Networking! Get help from your friends and use all your contacts. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

-Who would you like us to take in Part 2 in Grounded x Femme?

SK: I would love to follow various types of creative female collaborations - it is so inspiring and interesting to learn about new work fields. I think creativity is the most interesting when different minds and ideas come together to create magic.

CD: Laila Firdaous - CEO at Studio Levels.
Mother of three running her own salon and training studio. A real power woman according to me!


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