Grounded X Femme: Joanna Swica & Louise Johannesson

We are proud to present the first Grounded x Femme interview with Joanna Swica and Louise Johanesson who have founded Friendcation.


Friendcation is a digital platform designed to bring together girls in real life. They organize everything from events, training parties, staycations, lectures, AWs, breakfasts and trips. Everything that creates opportunities for new people to meet in different contexts in and around new experiences. All in one great lovely mix of everything we like here in life. On the digital platform, we break the ice, lower thresholds, and let no one miss an opportunity to meet new people just because you do not dare or not find the opportunity. ❤


The founders of Friendcation are Louise & Joanna. Two sprawling and driven women who pushed Friendcation for only one year but with incredible success! They are incredibly inspiring and lifts you up every time you see them. ❤


Why did you start Friendcation?


We started Friendcation because we wanted to create a digital platform where the goal was to bring girls together in real life. Through travel, events and interests, experiences and curiosities. A community where you feel safe going a little bit outside of its comfort zone and experiencing both places and experiences as well as meeting people you might never have otherwise had the opportunity to do.

It's not about not having friends, it's about maybe you're new to the city, or you like to travel but do not manage to do it together with your friends. It is about simple things like wanting to go out for a run and be able to throw out a question in the forum for some company.


How can we support each other as female entrepreneurs?


Just support each other. There is a lot of talk about Women's Enpowerment, but sometimes there is an underlying dissatisfaction where we do not support our fellow sisters at all. We believe that there is room for everyone and that we must encourage, push and help each other get us forward.


What does the word feminist mean to you?


That women neither has to fight more or less than men to be on this earth, get the job we want, the salary we want. That we have the same right over our body and our feelings. But above all, it's about the debate about what women can and should be able to do. We are not really there yet, but by lifting us, as well as other women who work against this particular mindset, we will come one step closer each day.

Best tip when you start your own?

Unfortunately, images are painted that it is glamorous to start their own company. It is not. It's an emotional roller coaster where you're forced out of your comfort zone. But without chances you will not win. Have an idea that you believe in and find your way forward. Save up to a starting capital that makes you feel a bit of secure even when it feels heavy at the beginning, talk to your boss and find an opportunity to do it pararell with your other job. Ask about leave of absence. There is nothing easy about starting your own business. You have to learn your business and be able to put a price on your services and your product. Most important of all: Know your values, and how to get paid for what you´re worth.

Who would you like us to lift in Part 2 of Grounded x Femme?

Anna Wretling (Powerwoman)

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