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Gotain is a company that creates tailor-made curtains with high quality at a low price. They create curtains in carefully designed patterns, color palettes and materials and gives you  a lot of awesome interior inspiration!
Elenora made the final decision to start her own company after a long walk on the beach during a Christmas holiday.
What distinguishes Elonora from many others who want to start a company is that she had no idea what kind of company she wanted to start, only that she wanted to be her own and also be involved in the whole process. But after lots of ideas, tests and bouncing back and forth she landed in that she wanted to start Gotain.

-Do you want to describe your business and why you started it?

After working with business strategic decisions and risk assessments at Acne Studios and at the same time having a close insight into a growing start-up, my desire to run a separate company grew with own risk assessments and decisions. I wanted to see the chain from A to Z from a smaller perspective than as a nut in a larger machinery as I experienced my role on Acne, something I think many employees of larger companies can relate to.
So damn cliché, but it was during a long beach walk on the Christmas holiday that I decided that my next career step would be to open my own company. But with what I had no idea . How do you do you start? I decided to always act on dissatisfaction or curiosity - practically this means that at every opportunity in everyday life where I felt that something could be done better or was missing, I would take advantage of the opportunity and try to develop a business concept and concept around it. Ideas came from all sides and edges. Some more long-lasting than others. But every idea I started, I did research, asked around, did the benchmark, but often it stopped there. Some business pages demanded too much capital, others I needed more knowledge that was difficult (or not interesting enough for me) to fight through. Until the day I would buy curtains for my apartment. The cheaper ready-made dimensions went straight away, not only because they didn't have such lovely materials or colors - the measurements were too short or too long and it didn't look good. I understood that it had to be tailor-made to apply a nice curtain expression. I went to various textile retailers, sewing studios and interior stores. The supply was boring, expensive and lacked what I as consumer think is important - service and inspiration. None of the 35 stores had pictures of how the curtains look at home with customers / in real environments.

Gotain is a Swedish brand that specializes in making it easy to order custom curtains. With a carefully selected range when it comes to both material and color well as a Swedish based sewing studio, we can supply customized curtains much faster than our competitors and at a lower price picture. We weave our own fabrics in Spain, which means that we have been able to skip a part of the production and can ensure the quality of our fabric selection while the price is cheaper than if we had bought fabric from another fabric manufacturer.
We put great focus on creating inspiration and clarity for our customers, we know that it can be difficult to succeed with their curtains. Therefore, we have a wide image bank that is constantly updated and fabric samples are sent out free of charge within 24h to our customers.

-How can we support each other as female entrepreneurs?

I believe in collaborations in all forms. Alone is not strong. Together we can create exciting and valuable synergies and challenge each other to think differently. Gotain has close collaborations with several female interior designers and contractors. We allow the interior designers to do what they are best at, while constantly focusing on delivering the best curtain solutions to their projects. As a rule, it is important for entrepreneurs to try to cooperate, usually there is a lot we can help each other with and all are experts in their fields.
I think one should be generous in sharing experiences and knowledge. A good way is to join female career groups, to name a few: Her and Peppfrulle. But there are many more - look at facebook and you will surely find someone who suits you. I am involved in both Her and Peppfrulle and I think it is a great way to boost each other as career women, it does not just have to be entrepreneurs.

-What does order feminist mean to you?

I am a feminist and for me the most important meaning of this is to create the conditions for an equal society. Do you know who Nina Åkestam is? Debateer, Researcher and now also author of the book Femistfällan. At the latest Peppfrulle she got interviewed by the founder, Emelie Karlsson about career, feminism and the new book.
From that morning I took not only positive energy with me but also
a well-formulated description of what feminism means when we speak equality. It all can be put down to four points. The purpose of the points is to clarify and understand how we are in society when it comes to equality. Me (and certainly you) can see that a common phrase you often hear is "yes but do we not equated in Sweden now, or as good as?" or "yes i am feminist - but ..."

Feminism is a struggle for equality, right? Equality can be summarized in four points:

Violence against women in the home: For domestic violence, violence against women is over-represented in relation to violence against men - yes or no? (The answer is after all clear)
Representation: Are women and men equally represented in high job posts? Are there as many women as managers as men? Have we ever had a female city minister, yes or no?
Economy: Do men and women earn as much or are there a wage gap?

Shared responsibility in the home: Does women and men take equal responsibility in the home, everyday tasks such as cleaning and cooking but above all parental leave and retrieval / leaving at preschool?
Until the day when we can answer Yes to the above four questions, we should all call ourselves feminists and fight for an equal society.

-Best tip when starting your own business?

Oh, my God where to begin? The best thing is to just go for it. Get started and just throw yourself out there, there are no guarantees, and it can be good to not having too much knowledge because then there is a risk that you see all the problems so clearly and don´t dare take on them. Had anyone told me everything that would go wrong with Gotain the first year, I'd never dare to start my own business, but fortunately I did take the leap.
That's my best tip, I guess. AND get a mentor, a ball plank is key - super-important. Like someone with experience and who is older.

Expect the toughest challenge you've ever experienced and double it. Starting your own business is a real journey and it requires a lot from you, both career wise and personaly. Super contractor Elon Musk got the same question during an interview and replied "to start your own business is like eating glass and staring down into the abyss". How dark is that? Haha, my god, it's so dark but with an eye wink. And I understand what he means. Then there is a huge difference between running super companies like Tesla compared to a curtain company that operates in 4 different markets. But, I think it's a pretty funny answer by Elon. Take it with a pinch of salt. Running your own company is it best decision I´ve ever made even if Elon chews glass and looks down into the abyss.   

-Who would you like us to take in Grounded x Femme Part 2?

Annika (founder of Wall of Art)

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