Grounded Portraits: Josefine Bengtsson

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do/ who you are.

Hmmmm…. in many ways I have dedicated my life to understand myself, and from that place also understand others and the world in general. In a way constantly asking myself the question ”WHO AM I”…. And the deeper I go into it… the more difficult it become to put words on it.
But when it comes to the first part of the question… what I do… right now, I am filling my days with yoga and meditation. I am mostly traveling and teaching retreats on beautiful places in the nature around the world. And I really, appreciate every single day I can share these practices with people because I just LOVE it so much and really really believe in it. SO,

To look back a bit, when I first discovered the practice of yoga and meditation, it was like a new life began for me – a life with more presence, love, and harmony. This shift was so powerful that I saw no other choice than sharing it with people around me – with you. I might sound religious but I truly believe that the spread of these practices alone will make the world to a better place. Before, this shift I was a hard working girl… after five years of studies at Stockholm School of Economics, and one year of work as a strategy consultant I know what it is like to live a stressful and demanding city life. A life completely driven by the mind – a mind that is never satisfied, a mind that is either it is in the past (analysing) or in the future (planning).

It sounds like a cliché but these practices have truly showed me that the only way to happiness is to be in and accept the present moment. And the only way for me to enter this moment is to first arrive in my body. Thereafter, I can practice acceptance and non-judgmental awareness of what is showing up in that moment.

This is why I use yoga postures, meditation, and relaxation techniques to guide myself and others from their mind into an exploration of the bodies, breath, and inner landscapes. I strive to always create an open and safe space where you get the chance to listen to your body and make the practice to your own.

I love my job. I appreciate every single day I can share these practices with people at yoga studios, events, companies, teacher trainings, retreats etc. Nowadays, I am mostly traveling with my retreat company – The Soul Space (earlier Yogiakademin) – to teach retreats on beautiful & sunny places around the world. It is actually very hard for me to put words on this amazing retreat experience. PURE MAGIC is created on every single retreat. I would say it is something more than a general yoga-retreat, we are mixing and matching matching different yoga forms such as Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Restorative, Yin with Breathwork techniques as well as with dancing, Vipassana- and Osho-meditations. Together with that we are enjoying amazing healthy food on beautiful places such as on a paradise beach in Goa, a castle in Bretagne & a house in the archipelago. I am soooo very grateful that I have the chance to share my passion on these beautiful places.

What does yoga mean to you?
Getting to know oneself and from that place we can meet others in a more respectful and open way. For me, yoga is an honest meeting with myself.

Do you have a favorite studio/ retreat you want to share with us?
Hihi… THE SOUL SPACE retreat of course. When it comes to studios I like Urban Om and Yogayama.

Pls share your best tip on how to stay grounded on and off the yogamat.
It sounds like a cliché but silence have truly showed me that the only way to happiness is to be in and accept the present moment. And the only way for me to enter this moment is to first shut everything off and allow myself to just arrive in my body. Silence is my medicine. Again and again, I am realizing the power of shutting everything off to just meet myself for some moments. It gives me connection, grounding, gratefulness, love, healing… and so much more. I am a true believer that silence not only improve our own life, it also makes the world to a better place. When in silence, I am usually automatically arriving into acceptance of what is showing up in that moment. A kind of deep trust in showing up, almost hugging me.



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