Grounded Portrait: Marie Stolt

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do/ who you are :) 

I’m Marie and one the founders of Understatement Underwear

Starting an underwear brand was far away from what I thought I would end up doing a few years back. Having spent the biggest part of professional life on number crunching and strategy work at big companies this was quite a shift. It all started in 2017 after a walk and some glasses on wine with my friend and now partner Maria.I had just spent my last months traveling and we ended up in discussing the underwear market in Sweden compared to Brazil - it was so slick, stiff and serious here. Compared to fashion brands with a clear lifestyle approach the choices of underwear brands felt limited and boring- did we have to choose between pink-romance, mass production at e.g. H&M or being sporty spice? In summary, we ourselves could not find a fun, contemporary and inspiring underwear brand we would be inspired to shop and wear. So how hard could it be? Let's make one.

It's fairly impossible to capture the whirlwind roller coaster of those years - both before and after Understatement became real. You'd think (hope?) that as you go on, the intensity of the roller coaster evens out - even just a bit. But really, it's always ten steps forward, fifteen steps back, diving off another deep end. Again. Onwards and onwards again. You wouldn't do it if you didn't love it and what has been most important for us (except making extremely comfortable and stylish underwear) has been to throw in a big dose of humor in everything we do. We want to be a brand boosting both your smile, your confidence, your outfit and your boobs.

What does yoga mean to you? 

After working “too much” for some years I I took a brake for 6 months to travel. Never tried yoga before. And as with most things I do I get a bit obsessed so suddenly I stood on the mat every morning. Yoga for me is about change. About reflection and perspective. The most important and life-changing decisions in my life has been taken on the mat. Yoga gives me focus.

Do you have a favorite studio/ retreat you want to share with us?

I don’t go to a studio at the moment but often practice at home in my living room. Or outdoor as much as possible. I went on my first retreat this spring to an amazing place in Sicily called Danena. Not only was the spot amazing but the teacher Schalk Viljoen – how he combined yoga with the love for music – yoga became like dancing - a really powerful combination. 

Pls share your best tip on how to stay grounded on and off the yoga mat. 

I am probably the last person to live my everyday-life as grounded. But the one thing I love that gives me perspective is travelling. To shift environment and habits. To never stop being curious to try new things and meet new people.


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