Grounded Portrait: Jennie Liljerfors

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do/ who you are :)

I am mother of 3 lovely girls, married with Per who also is an entrepreneur (pizza restaurants and wholesale!) and owner of Altromondoyoga studio. I have worked as a yoga teacher since 2004. I love my work and I have written 2 books on my favorite topics, Healing yoga - how yoga can be a healing power after trauma and PTSD and Pregancy yoga - how yoga can be a grate source during pregnancy, labour andPostnatal. This autumn my next book will be released, Healing you - a journal to help us reflect and work with ourselves. The world Altromondo means another world in Italian witch refers to that yoga can open up to our inner world.

What does yoga mean to you?

Yoga is how we live our lives, how we take care of ourselves, others and our environment. It helps us access our inner strength and power. Yoga helps us to live here and now.

Do you have a favorite studio/ retreat you want to share with us?

I just love the vibe at my studio, all the teachers and staff, the mix of students and the big variety of classes we offer.
I also love Atma studio, the studio of my teacher Piero Vivarelli in Bologna, Italy.

Pls share your best tip on how to stay grounded on and off the yogamat.
By having a consistent practice we can easier stay grounded whatever arises. Try to create at least 15 minutes of pracitise every day, it doesn’t matter what you do  - meditation, restorative, breathing, flowing asana practice, just try to find a mix of it during the week. Listen in to what you need!

Jennie Liljefors together with our partner Michaela Forni



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