Grounded Factory Portrait: Hax Linder

I’m Hanna Hax Linder, a yoga teacher and musician. I have this unstoppable urge to teach people about their fantastic bodies. My driving force lies in helping people experience that wellness starts from within. The practice and philosophy of Yoga is a perfect tool for that. Teaching both vocals and piano also give me the opportunity to see how people find deeper dimension within themselves, and learn how to express. It's truly a privilegie to witness.

My favorite place to practice yoga is in the church. Since 2 years back I've been hosting weekly classes, all levels, in different churches around Stockholm. Right now I offer classes on Wednesday evenings in the Adolf Fredrik Church, in downtown Stockholm. It I just so special to be in that environment, in that magical, gigantic room to practice yoga. The old stone floor, the beautiful art, the head space (20+ meters!) everything can fit in there... The class is a 100 SEK and all the money goes to a Orphanage I'm collaborating with. Really a win-win.

My best tip to stay grounded on and off the mat, is to really practice the art of listening. When we can learn to listen, to observe, we will hear and understand what we need to do to ground ourselves. And you see, that "grounding" act is always different! Perhaps you need to go for a run, or you need to sit down and have a cup of coffee. Or you need to call that good old friend... There are so many different things that can ground us, which is amazing! So our task is just to learn how to listen. To start by learning to listen and observing the breath, is a very good beginning, with no ending.

If you want you can link to my instagram, @haxlinder and/or to my website:



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