Grounded Portrait: Andreas & David Yogagames

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do/ who you are?

I´m the event manager and founder of Yoga Games, the Nordic Yoga Conference. It started in Gothenburg in 2011 after me and my partners had been on an inspirational training camp were we ended up doing mostly yoga for a week. Out newfound love and passion for yoga combined with running an event company were the perfect match. There was nothing like this in Scandinavia so we started this journey to inspire and spread yoga to more people. In 2015 we started in Stockholm and 2018 in Malmö. For 2020 we have exciting news coming soon😊

Yoga Games is now an important place for the Swedish and Scandinavian yoga community. Thousands of people are getting inspired and getting a chance to meet and connect. So many collaborations and new friendships has started at Yoga Games events over the years.

Our main goal is simple: Inspire to a better and healthier life.

What does yoga mean to you?

It means listening and taking care of your body and mind. There are so many ways to do this in yoga and we all need it in different ways. That’s one of the goals of Yoga Games. Being a platform were you can try out different styles of yoga and a variety of teachers.

Do you have a favorite studio/ retreat you want to share with us?

Not really, for me it´s a journey and different styles of yoga are needed as the life changes. For me it´s more about finding a teacher then a studio. There are so many great studios and teachers in Sweden it´s hard to name a few.

Pls share your best tip on how to stay grounded on and off the mat.

Listen to yourself, be authentic and true, then you will stay grounded. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself, be curious and open, never stop evolving. This goes both on and off the mat, there really are no difference between those.

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