Founders slow morning routine to stay grounded

For many, me included, spring is the start of intense work periods. Every year, I easily fall into old habits: work goals before summer holiday, and the whole “get shit done” mentality will leave at least me overworked, stressed and exhausted in the end of the period. This spring, I’m trying to break this habit and working hard on staying balanced. Easier said then done when you are trying to work on your brand, taking care of kids and that thing called "having a life". As many other times before, I ask myself, how hard can it be?

With a background in holistic nutrition, so many years on the yoga mat (14 and counting) and a yoga teacher certificate, I should have all the tools within me already, right?

In my quest to find balance and slowing down, I see myself looking for new things to add on my never ending long list of things to do to. Like I would need one more thing to add to my routine? :) Yes, it is as crazy as it sounds.

So my conclusion is this: start slow. And with this I mean, have a very slow start of your day. Get up in time to really have time to slow down, enjoy your morning. Maybe pick one thing to do: meditation or yoga or whatever makes you feel good. Its so easy to add all of the things you have to or should do to your morning routine but start by removing one thing.

For me, a slow start means having enough time to wake up and ease into the day fully. To not leave the house in a rush and to let go of the "have to tick all my healthy boxes and must dos". So with that said, my new main goal this spring? To #staygrounded of course 


/Iman Malmberg , Founder






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