6 Ways to Ease Back onto Your Mat

6 Ways to Ease Back onto Your Mat

 1. Accept where you are: after a pause, your practice won’t be exactly the same. And that’s totally okay! The key is knowing that yourself, and making peace with it. Then get up on your yoga mat and keep going!

  2 . Take the long view: take a look at where you want to be and know that wherever you are now, if you are consistent, you will get there. Vinyasa yoga teacher Tiffany Cruikshank describes it as, “You’re starting a new relationship with your yoga practice and, in some ways, your body is totally foreign to you. You have to think of where you will be six months from now as opposed to just killing yourself and giving up.”

  3. No practice is too short: every minute on the yoga mat counts! Even if you start with only a quick 5 minute series of poses, it’s still more than you did yesterday. Aim to increase it by a minute or two every day, or get in multiple sets of five minutes. It’s great to just get the discipline in of starting.

   4. Dedicate a space: half the battle is getting the yoga mat out, are we right? So leave it out and ready to go. It doesn’t have to be a big space, but just in an accessible place you won’t overlook, along with all the gear you’ll need.

    5. Don’t overdo: it’s okay to literally ease into it. Yoga Journal suggests working 50-75% of what your old “normal” used to be, and to take it easy on the advanced poses, as your body may have lost flexibility and strength. Nothing like another injury to put the brakes on your restarted practice!

    6. Start fresh: maybe your last practice was part of why you stopped. You can try new classes, teachers, yoga mats and forms of yoga to keep it new and non-routine. Let yourself feel like a beginner again, and you can see things from a new perspective and with a new voice.
We hope these tips help you on your yoga journey. Now switch off the computer and hop on your yoga mat! Namaste.

Shortened and re-written by us, original text by gaia.com

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